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National Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Our lawyers are passionate about fighting for cyclists’ rights against motorists and big insurance companies.  We have a successful track record of litigated claims for cyclists who have suffered every type of biking injury including but not limited to;

• Head injuries and concussions

• Orthopoedic injuries 

• Fractures and dislocations

• Lacerations and abrasions

• Post traumatic stress and anxiety

Bike crashes and accidents require a high level of expertise in the field of personal injury law.  We are committed to cyclists and their rights.  We have a dedicated team of cycling injury lawyers with decades of combined experience in investigating bicycle crashes who will work with you to build a strong case specific to your accident, injuries, and potential recovery. 

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Do not take chances with advice from attorneys who may not be experts in cycling crashes.  Contact our team and we will educate you on your rights and ensure that you receive the justice you deserve.

Our lawyers care about getting you the compensation you deserve from your case. We are strategic and will fight for your rights to get great results while ensuring your dignity along the way.